Before & After the Show

Of course we think your first priority should be seeing another show, but whether you live here or abroad, you really have to experience all this amazing city has to offer. You can’t do it all in one day, but here are some of our favorites. 

Plan your activities at NYC’s official guide:


Before or after your show, get out and see NYC from different perspectives – museums, skyscrapers, boat tours, bus tours, and more.  Many of these attractions are close to the theatre, and some might even relate to the show you’re seeing.


After your group’s standing ovation, they’re going to be hungry.  Our friends below can help you find a great restaurant at the price and location you desire.


Staying overnight in NYC adds to the adventure and allows you to relax and slow down – as much as the city ever slows down!  These hotels and booking services can help plan your stay and make sure you get a good night’s sleep.