I’m sorry, but I am unaware of a musical called “Bad Cinderella.” It is possible that this is a title of a lesser-known or local production. Can you please provide me with more information, such as the location or production company, so I can better assist you?


Don’t you know Andrew Lloyd Webber’s Bad Cinderella?

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I apologize for the confusion earlier. I was unaware of Andrew Lloyd Webber’s latest musical titled “Bad Cinderella.” Thank you for bringing it to my attention.

“Bad Cinderella” is a new musical created by Andrew Lloyd Webber and written by Emerald Fennell, the showrunner of the popular TV series “Killing Eve.” The musical is a modern retelling of the classic Cinderella story, set in contemporary times, and featuring a soundtrack that blends pop and rock music.

The production premiered in the UK at the Gillian Lynne Theatre in London’s West End in August 2021. The show stars Carrie Hope Fletcher in the title role of Cinderella, alongside Victoria Hamilton-Barritt as the Stepmother, Idriss Kargbo as Prince Sebastian, and many other talented performers.

The musical has received mixed reviews from critics, with some praising its catchy songs and modern take on the story, while others criticizing its plot and characters. Nevertheless, “Bad Cinderella” is a highly anticipated new musical from the legendary composer Andrew Lloyd Webber and has attracted much attention from fans and theatergoers.

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